Oh to be getting married today!  Look at these ‘delights-of-the-heart’ chocolate tress.  These trees are the bees-knees.  (pardon the rhyming).  I love them!


Romance in a chocolate bundle

Harrods have launched the most decadent chocolate decoration I have seen in quite a while.  It oozes romance, it is delectably stylish and can be used in so many ways from a single tree to many.  And lets be honest, if you don’t want to shell out the money several of these for your Alice Spectacular, then I suggest you order just one for your hotel room and surprise your new Hubby with it when you finally cross the threshold!

These little ‘gatherings of love’  are only around £80.  You could  include one or a couple on the food tables, or maybe use it in on a candy table.  As a table  decoration (oh what a centerpiece)  it would create not only the wow factor but it would also get your guests around the table talking and sharing.

Whether you choose a Vintage theme, country theme, or even if your a rock-n-roll bride, these would suit any wedding.  Just be thoughtful of how and where you include them.

These hand-crafted edible trees of loveliness are available as a strawberry champagne truffle heart, a milk chocolate truffle tree and a marshmallow heart.  Personally, the truffles win it for me.  Even the word is romantic.

Please do comment or email me if you fancy inspiration with these chocolate tress, I am bursting with ideas.

As Alice, will you be ordering one?

Zarn x

Update 27 July 2011

After a little detective work we have discovered these little trees are the ingenious creation of mother and daughter team from Sweet Tree by Rivera.  Click on the link to go straight to their website or give them a call on 01923 252663.


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