Our wedding day is the biggest day of our life and certainly more than makes up for all the stress that goes into it – whether it’s fretting about fitting into a wedding dress or organising table plans, there is certainly a lot of effort involved.

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But why should couples fall into the trap of not making the same effort with their marriage? It can be hard to maintain the ‘honeymoon period’ for a sustained period of time, but there are a few tricks and tips you can employ to make sure your love carries on blossoming once you’re off that plane.

To give your bedroom that romantic edge, try out a few of these tips.

Make your bedroom a place of relaxation

One of the most common traps into which couples fall when living married life is to become slaves to technology and social media. Ask yourself: how often do you crawl into bed with your significant other and then spend a substantial amount of type tapping on your smartphone? If you want to keep the flame alive, make your bedroom a place of relaxation, not a social club. Ban the laptops, smartphones, even televisions, and put the focus into your partner.

Add a bit of life to your bed

Naturally, nothing is going to compare to that fantastic honeymoon suite, but you can give a tired old bed a new lease of life to make it all the more welcoming. Consider investing in a new duvet that’s got a high tog count to keep you both warm, and feel free to go wild with pillows, throws and even rose petals to recapture that romance. A comfortable bed will not only keep you close with those Sunday morning lie ins, but improved sleep cycles will keep you both in higher spirits too – perfect for getting marriage off to a good start!

Make it personal

Finally, your bedroom as a married couple is a reflection of the two of you, so to make it super-romantic, ensure that it is a personal reflection of you both. Invest in quirky photo frames, and adorn the walls with images of your most personal moments, back from the day you first met to your wedding day. The memories will mark the journey on which you have come as a couple and take you back to that honeymoon phase whenever you wish.


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