One of my favourite discoveries of 2011 was Trash The Dress and Trash The Suit.  I love the concept of your wedding dress or the boys suit coming out of the damp, dark box in the roof and breathing fresh and funky light into the meaning of your nuptials.

I love the idea of doing it as an anniversary idea: a photo shoot in your dress-ups, just the two of you {no more having to worry about guests} and having the time-of-your-life in a Trash The Suit photo shoot.

These five recently-married men braved the battlefield in their wedding suits for a paintball photo shoot and a hell of a lot of fun.

And these Antipodean boys from Down Under show how they Trash The Suit Aussie style. You beauty!

Above photo by Ashkate Studios

Photo above by Ashkate Studios

This awesome looking fun Trash The Suit shoot was a collaboration of very cool wedding forum Sayso, Buckshow (Australia’s premier boy’s weekends site) and Paintballsports.

Trash the Suit photography by Hody Images except if otherwise mentioned.

So now there’s no excuse, at least for the Down Under boys to celebrate their nuptials with a hell of a lot of fun.



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