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Was your wedding night like mine?  Slightly drunk (which is an understatement) and a little worse for wear?  And then at last minute, we found out that we had to move from our original hotel and we didn’t see the new room until the night of our wedding. Well, the room was hideous, you couldn’t swing a cat in it and my dress took up most of the floor space! Luckily the copious amounts of champers I had consumed during the day dulled my utter devastation but nonetheless, it did put a dampener on the whole mood!  Looking devastatingly sexy and utterly gorgeous went out the window in favour of a good nights sleep!

So, for all you lovely ladies out there who are planning a sexy wedding night, I have found some suitably seductive bridal lingerie that I think is divine and that any man would love.

Bridal Lingerie photos

Row 1 : Myla
Row 2 & 3: Fox & Rose
Row 4: Sally Jones

There are loads of places to get bridal lingerie, but I think that Fox and Rose and Sally Jones are my favourite, beautifully elegant and sexy. I love the idea behind the Fox & Rose name, I think it sums up a how a bride wants to be.

Fox & Rose

At Fox & Rose, we know the importance of the right bridal lingerie goes a long way to making your wedding day and honeymoon as extraordinary as it can be.

The Name

The seductive, mischievous, bold Fox and the elegant, understated Rose. The two sides of a woman are reflected in our thoughtfully edited selection of this season’s hottest looks. Inspired by these two sides of a woman’s character, our name captures changing underwear moods with lingerie that beautifully responds to any occasion. At Fox & Rose you can define any mood with a nod to the inner seductress Fox, or the elegant, understated Rose.

So, if you haven’t walked down the aisle yet, there are some stunning bridal lingerie choices out there.  Whatever you go for, I’d love to know what bridal lingerie you choose, fingers crossed you manage to stay awake and your lucky husband gets to see it!

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