I have to be really honest and say I am a little bit nervous about featuring today’s post because some people may not like it but I’ve had a love for Boudoir Photography since I was in my early twenties and have been so keen since the first day I launched Alice In Weddingland to include Boudoir. My inspiration for the love of this type of photography came about in a really surprising way:  my sisters best friend had a really, really rough patch in her relationship and wanted to give her husband a beautiful gift and as I had a new found hobby and was desperate to play, I suggested she let me do some intimate type photos of her to give to him.  And although it took time to talk her into it as she was extremely embarrassed about the whole thing – we did it!

The photos, all in my favourite medium, black and white, turned out gorgeous, even for an amateur like me 🙂  They were simple shots of her standing with her jeans unbuttoned to see her sexy knickers underneath, no top on, covering her boobs with her hands, other shots like close ups of her sitting on a chair covering herself with her hands again and shots taken from above in pensive poses, looking away from the camera.  None of them were exposing anything she was uncomfortable with and all of them were sensual, soft and expressed who she was in a really relaxed way and they were sexy. It was a huge inspiration for me for several reasons.  The first was the amount of fun I had and the natural ability I felt directing her, and the biggest and most incredible reason was watching her transformation: from a shy, embarrassed state to a confident, ‘lets get-em’ state!! It was amazing!

Boudoir Photography has long had a reputation, and one I believe is ridiculous, that it is promiscuous, rude or just unnecessary and I passionately try to change the minds of all those who think this because Bouroir photography is probably one of the most intimate, sensuous and empowering types of photography a woman can experience! Lets face it, if you can embrace your wobbly bits and show them to a camera, wouldn’t it make you feel strong, empowered and confident!!

It was the transformation I just adored witnessing: seeing this woman when she began, terrified, but desperate to do it for her Husband to then change in front of my eyes as she began to pose, and giggle.  The seriousness that she felt from being exposed disappeared so quickly and her vulnerability vanished.  By the end, a confident, powerful woman stood before me, quite happy walking around with just her jeans on: a very different woman to an hour before.

Then, a few weeks later after receiving the photos, she phoned and I still remember her words: she said “I realised through the shoot that it was me that had been doubting myself in so many ways for far too long and that made me doubt my relationship. It was me who had to change and the time I spent with you has changed who I am”.  This brought me to tears!  I knew exactly how she felt.  I was already that unconfident girl, with no sense of self, trying to embrace the world confidently and not doing a great job.  It was this sense of embracing who she was, warts an all as they say, and her transformation that inspired me to do it again.  And so I took my little camera, my Nikon, and took lots more photos of friends and family in my own amateur way to help them and without knowing it, it help me!

Boudoir photography is something I still do in my hobby-time as I love it and one day, when I finally manage time to do a photography course, I hope to do it professionally so I get to witness this transformation more often and help women who have experienced that same lack of confidence that I knew so well,and transform! Until then, I am really, really excited to bring you Boudoir photography as part of Alice In Weddingland, so keep your eyes on the Boudoir category as I post more beautiful photo shoots from some really talented photographers around the world, starting with today’s post by Frame 36 Photography.

The photo above is my favourite. It’s sexy, strong and you can see her having fun!


As you can see, it’s not about exposing all of you! It’s about having fun and enjoying who you are.

If your body image makes you feel vulnerable or you’re thinking of going on a wedding diet because of it, have you thought of experiencing a Boudoir Photoshoot to give you that confidence?  Imagine having a shoot before your wedding day.  If you can pose in a Boudoir photoshoot before the big day imagine how you’ll feel in the most amazing dress of your lifetime, being in front of the camera.  Boudoir Photography is a beautiful way to experience that surge of confidence that is, you!

Would you consider doing a Boudoir photoshoot? if not for anyone else, for you?  Do you think it would improve your confidence or sense of self?  Would you give your Hubby-to-be a sexy portrait as a gift?  Have you already had some taken? How did you feel?


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