A button hole or boutonnière (the posher sounding French word) is traditionally worn by men on a suit and is typically a single flower or bud like a carnation or rose.  There are some beautifully talented florists out there creating beautiful buttonholes so this morning I just wanted to show a few off!

However, do I have a twist for you.  That’s not all I’m going to show you this morning…

…hold on to your suits boys, buttonholes aren’t just pretty flowers anymore and now you can keep them forever and they won’t wilt!  Don’t think tradition, think waaaaayyyyy outside the box for your wedding and you will find new ideas, something different, something that you’ll love, like these!

Paper me Happy is the creative genius of husband and wife team Daniel and Klaire Elton. It was born out of the sheer frustration of desiring something unique and original for their the pending wedding day.  I love the idea and I love their creations. Buttonholes all made out of paper!  Gorgeous designs too… Check – It – Ooooout!!!

These hand-crafted little babies are bang on trend and Klaire has already designed her 2012 collection.

With the current trend for all things Vintage, the Love Letters and Nouvelle Vintage collections are proving very popular, according to Klaire. Love Letters is made from vintage novel pages, perfect for shabby chic styling. While Nouvelle Vintage draws it’s influence from the Art Nouveau era, ideal for dressing up an elegant, but plain, venue.

Hand-crafted, fashionable, whimsical and stylish…things we love at Alice In Weddingland and here they are…

The paper buttonhole by Paper me Happy

I love how the buttonhole above shows off the sexy suit! Mmmm gorgeous!

Can you believe these are all made out of paper?  Just divine!!!  Klaire how do you do it?

And my lovelies, guess what else Paper me Happy do…

Your one stop flower shop like you’ve never seen before; buttonholes and bouquets.

Check out Paper me Happy’s website for some super-duper inspiration.  We love them because they are so unique, they are deliciously different and exceptionally creative!!

And Brides & grooms if you’re off to one of the wedding shows that are around over the next two months check out their website, because you just might catch Daniel and Klaire from Paper me Happy there!

But if you want the real deal and you love your roses or your carnations and you want to keep a little tradition in your wedding then let Judi’s photos of buttonholes inspire you!

The Real Deal buttonholes: photography by Judi Checketts

love the photo above.  It is sooooo elegant.  The rose makes this suit sophisticated and romantic.

So there you have the real deal using beautifully crafted flowers to enhance your mans’ suit for the day beautifully photographed by Judi Checketts.  They are so beautiful, I have always admired the talent of producing stunning pictures from flowers.

Frabjous creatives for the real deal:

Boutonnieres courtesy of Holly & Debbie at Thanks A Bunch! Flower Shop |  Photography:  Judi Checketts Photography.
Please check out the websites of these lovely talented ladies.  They will inspire you!

There is nothing better than finding new wedding ideas by frabjously creative people and thanks to the magic of twitter I have found some;  the frabjous Judi Checkitts and Paper me Happy.

I know I have said it before peeps and I’m sorry to bang on about it but the amount of creative ideas you have for weddings today is incredibly overwhelming compared to when I was married just ten years ago (oh, grief, it’s my ten year anniversary next August, I better get planning).

So grab the ideas and run with them and create your story!  And don’t forget to come back and tell us all about it so we can grab another tissue box.



I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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