It’s all in a days work

… Out is tradition, in is unique, curious, different and creative!

Why the name, Alice In Weddingland?

Because I just happen to love it!!!

The name is a play on the metaphor of adventure, curiosity, uniqueness, out-of-the-box detail and whimsical imagery that make up an awesome wedding full of elegance, style, sophistication, attitude, personality and creativity that is the your wedding story.

I want to do all the research and give you all the fun.  I want to find the best of the unique, creative, magic stuff that can make your wedding your dream; from the little champagne coloured hearts on the table to those funky, unique, new venues and A.MAZING photographers.

I want to be your Cheshire Cat after you fall down the Rabbit Hole that is planning your wedding.

I’m in the detail, not just the dress!

Imagine me as your Cheshire Cat, always smiling with the intention of guiding you. Did you know that The Cheshire Cat is the only character in Wonderland who actually listens to Alice?  With his remarks he gives Alice insight into how things work down there.  And that’s what I do! I’ll help inspire you and guide you with ideas and ‘wowza’ details you never thought were available.

The mystery woman…

Easy:  happily married, wedding obsessed Mum of my beautiful, most delicious, most scrumptious little package that is my girly, my Moonbeam of 3.5 years old.

I am addicted to tea and by addicted I mean full-on OTT!!! I also indulge in other numerous adult-type drinks at night 🙂 Like wine!  The redder and more smooth the better.  Oh, and Brandy.  I like to warm my toes in winter with a tipple. On the rocks of course.

I am addicted to reading about fashion, history mainly, and I love the 20’s and 30’s.

I also have another obsession besides tea – I LOVE photography and dream that one day I will have the studio that I’ve designed in my head; the one filled with beautiful things, and a sexy chaise longue and I will be doing Boudoir photography.  I love being a witness to the transformation of a woman as she lets go and becomes that ‘feline’ she’s always wanted to be.  It’s empowering for them.  Anyway digress…

I love all things arty-farty.  I love style and redefine mine at weekly pace.  And I love being introduced to and discovering new things.  I am a romantic at heart, I mean big time.  I was one of the young girls who fell in love with Tom Cruise in Top Gun because of his on-screen kiss to Kelly McGillis.  A wedding is your chance to create a Spectacular and your chance to burst at the seems with your own creative ideas: to inject your style, your personality and create a wedding that is all you.

I have to be honest, I do have the best job in the world. I spend my days with my 3 year old girl and then when she’s at Pre School I read magazines and scour the internet for beautiful things while drinking lots of Tea.  I submerge myself in all things wedding, I LOVE my job! A mum and a blogger and not just any blog, a wedding blog:  My dream come true.

Alice In Weddingland brings creativity, uniqueness, innovation, fashion and enough arty-fartyness to give you the ideas in detail for your wedding.

“I’ll find the detail, you walk down the isle!”


Either the well was very deep, or she fell very slowly, for she had plenty of time as she went down to look about her and to wonder what was going to happen next.
                 from Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland