Dramatic silhouettes, rich embroidery and shape defining lusciousness: Lazaro Perez’s Fall 2013 collection redefines unique elegance. If you’re looking for a unique wedding dress that veers off the traditional path by dramatising traditional shapes like the ball gown and mermaid cuts a Lazaro wedding dress should be high on your short list.

Lazaro Wedding Dress

Starting with my ultimate fav Lazaro wedding dress…

Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW10Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW01 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW08Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW02 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW03 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW04 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW05 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW06 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW07 Lazaro-fall2013-weddingdress-AIW09

Beautiful. Stunning detail and captivating shapes!

Zarn x


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