So did you guess what the sneak peek was yesterday?  Was your guess paper flowers?  Well, if it was then you’re kind-of right, but there’s so much more to it…

Now have a close look at this photo…

What about this photo… how do you think they’re made?

These aren’t just paper flowers, they’re art!

When I was young I loved trying to make paper aeroplanes, but in fact I was useless at it.  Then as a teenager my Mum introduced me to one of the most fascinating, articulate and rewarding crafts that I had ever seen and I was hooked.

All of these flowers are origami; the art of turning paper into objects.  It’s not just paper cranes or animals anyore, now it’s wedding art in a very spectacular form…  origami alternative wedding bouquets and table decor by Florecer.

I was given a calendar-in-a-box once by my Hubby, which was 365 days of origami and I LOVED it, I thought I was pretty clever making cranes, butterflies and even a frog but never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined such beautiful origami until I saw these!!!

Origami – wedding flower art

Origami is an ancient art form which originated in China and was later adopted by the Japanese who perfected the art of paper folding.  And, every single photo you see here, is origami, even the leaves – take a close look at some of them, they are just unbelievably spectacular!!!

I couldn’t stop gawping at the photos when they arrived in my email from Shilesh from Florecer.  They have taken this ancient art form and have created unique contemporary designs to suit all occasions and events that include spectacular wedding bouquets.  Matching any theme and any decor your designs are limitless and with Florecer’s creative flair your wedding tables will simply be… magnificent!

As you all know I am a seeker of all things unique and I absolutely love finding talented artisans of their craft and Shilesh is a master.   I wish I’d known about Florecer last year when I was planning my in-laws 50th Wedding Anniversary, instead of the real flowers, these would have adorned every table, every place card – everywhere I could possibly use them.  It’s such a unique and beautiful product.

If you want something unique, something individual, something that your guests will gawp at, something that will look stunning on your tables then these are it!!!

For something that is made out of a material which is crisp, has hard edges and is anything other than soft, these stunning alternative wedding bouquets and other table decor are totally the opposite: sensual, soft and incredibly beautiful.

I still can’t believe that all of this is Origami!!!

If you’re looking for an alternative wedding bouquet or impressive table decor then these are a stunning choice, no matter what your style or wedding theme.  They’re a talking point, a keepsake and a bespoke piece of art that could forever adorn your dining table at home.

From alternative wedding flowers, buttonholes, cake table decor, bouquets to anything in between; I think there is a place for origami at every wedding.

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Brides deserve to know that this product is out there waiting to become a frabjous detail in their wedding.


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