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bridal bouquets

I’m starting the week with a bunch of flowers, a strawberry and a cabbage: some absolutely stunning, frabjously beautiful alternative bridal bouquets and wedding table decor that might just knock your tights off (or your socks)!

Let me ask you this first… when you imagine your wedding bouquet do you ever imagine it with strawberries?  Or perhaps figs?

Or when you imagine your table decor have you ever imagined a matt of real grass?

This is precisely the quirky and unique floristry that Amy from Wookie Floristry comes up with when she works along side you as you design your alternative wedding flowers.  They’re alternative in the true Oxford meaning: nontraditional or unconventional.  They’re incredibly unique and I am so excited to be showing them off to you!

I was stunned when I saw strawberries in her bouquet.  My first thoughts were ‘how original and quirky is that – I LOVE it’.  It works so beautifully.  It’s so organic!  And it’s so sophisticated!  What do you think…

And then I discovered the grass mat over the table…

And that’s not all!  Amy also loves using moss and other unexpected flora.

I love Amy’s designs: they’re intelligent, contemporary, unique and quirky and they incorporate more than just flowers which I adore!  She’s designed and created stunning alternative wedding bouquets and buttonholes and her creativity with table decor is immensely inspiring.  I now have ideas crazily busying my head for our 10th Anniversary shindig!!!

Wookie Floristry creates unique wedding flowers; works of art designed to capture your attention, yet they’re beautifully complimentary and do not over power their environment, be it the table they’re laying on or the Bride and the dress behind them.

So tell us about Wookie Amy…

W O O K I E is a freelance floristry company with a bit of a difference. We absolutely love brides who are after something a bit unusual or challenging- we think wedding floristry is stuck in its ways and we’re hoping to shake it up a bit! We also want brides to see flowers as a really important part of their day, rather than another thing to tick off their list. Now, maybe we’re a tinybit biased, but we swear most wedding venues look the same: the favours, the chair backs, even the size of the tables. So, we reckon that flowers should be highly personalised and very creative so that your wedding actually reflects you. After all, not everyone is a pink vintage rose.
We take inspiration from absolutely everything, everywhere: fashion, gardens, architecture, other floral designers (check out Preston Bailey if you want to see something insane) and even, once, a plastic T-Rex. But mostly, our inspiration comes from the dream that brides have in their minds when they envisage their wedding day, and that’s the image we know we can create with flowers… no matter how bizarre!
This is one I absolutely love.  Just a simple sprig of parsley and voila!  You have an elegant place setting.
So sophisticated, yet so simple!
I have never seen this sort of wedding floristry before and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  I must have done ten hoola hoops when I first saw her work.  Finding contemporary, unique, quirky wedding artisans is a challenge and I’m like a girl in a sweet shop when I do.

So what are some of the flora Amy uses: brassica (ornamental cabbage), strawberries, blackberries, amaranths, turf, snowberries, heather and herbs.

Amy’s florist includes bouquets, hair accessories, buttonholes, grass signs and initials, and so many different types of table decor and accessories all specifically designed to your budget.  Check out the Wookie Hall of Fame on Amy’s website to see more of her incredible talent and see just what she could produce for you.

 So what do you think?  Would you use a strawberry or three, or maybe some moss over your tables?