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Zombie engagement shoot

Posted May 1, 2013 by Zarn Ballentine in 2013

“We want to survive a zombie attack and then hug because we’re in love!” said Bride to be Juliana Park to photographer Amanda Rynda. Juliana Park and Ben Lee were having none of the ‘ordinary’ type engagement shoots that involve hearts, balloons and a gorgeous backdrop. Instead they injected a whopping dose of their personalities and made sure it was a load of fun and inspiration that reflected who they were!

Photographed by Amanda Rynda (amandarynda.com) this engagement shoot is blissfully refreshing.

Zombie engagement shoot

Featuring close friend and co-worker Jason Boesch! What else do best friends do but try to kill you!

AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0000 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0001 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0003 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0004  AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0006 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0007 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0008 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0010 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0011 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0012 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0013 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0014 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0015 AliceMagazing-I2-ZombieEngagement-0016

Photography: Amanda Rynda

Fancy a Zombie engagement shoot? Can you stomach it?!

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    This is fantastic! I never had an engagement shoot, now I want one of these!! Maybe instead of a ten year blessing, I could talk hubby into indulging ourselves with something like this….hmmm, off to ponder how I’m gonna make it happen!!


    But where did they get the spade from???


    Love it. Would finish nicely with a burial shot!

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