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Would you wear roadkill Wedding Couture

Posted March 30, 2013 by Zarn Ballentine in 2013

Controversial it may be but exquisite it most definitely is. Sourced from ‘ethically sourced’ dead animals such as roadkill, Jessica Eaton has done it again. Hoping the collection will “give people food for thought on lots of different levels and give a further life to beautiful things” Jess is bringing new life into the things we normally discard like roadkill.

With a strong ethical code and absolutely no animals ever being harmed or killed for the making of the collection, Jess will be brining her stunning, highly acclaimed couture to the White Gallery in London in May 2013.

Photography: Kenny McCracken – Create Studios

Would you wear Roadkill?

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Zarn Ballentine

I confess, I am a wedding addict and am living a beautiful, fuzzy dream, blurred by everything that encapsulates unique weddings that ooze style and creativity. Doing things differently, you won't find over saturated puffy white weddings here! Welcome to my wonderland, my menagerie where all things creative and stylish collide. Come on in and have some tea!



    I am a committed vegetarian yet strangely am drawn to taxidermy and this work. I have seen eaton nott at the brighton tattoo convention and loved the quirkiness of their wares. I think if it is ethically sourced it is making use of things that otherwise might go to waste and making beauty out of sadness.


    @Kitschnkarma: I know what you mean, I see my self as an animal lover but I find myself curiously drawn to these things too,

    In fact if seen another lady who does a similar type of thing:

    I LOVE the crow hat and mouse angel

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