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Love, marriage and boudoir, all because of a dog

Posted May 1, 2013 by Pamela Reed in 2013

Bryony and Mason met one night at the Crown and Anchor, our favorite pub here in my neighborhood.  Well actually Gator met Mason first.  Gator is one of Bryony’s cute pups.  Name fits.  He lept from her lap and made a mad dash for the door (yes, our pub is dog friendly).  The only barricade to his freedom, or so he thought, but standing in his escape path was Mason who scooped him up returning him to his rightful companion, Bryony.

After that chance meeting brought about by Gator, Mason and Bryony started talking to each other on their ferry ride to work in the French Quarter.  What she didn’t know was he started taking the later ferry so he could spend more time with her.

He’s always been a cook

They are both cooks.  He works for Rick Tramonto and John Folse at R’evolution and she for Susan Spicer at Bayona.  “I don’t think Mason saw me in anything other than baggy chef pants for the first 6 months we knew each other.  Yes it took him that long to make a move.  He’s always been a cook, and I had a major reinvention of myself at the age of 40.  Two years ago I repaired, maintained and delivered racing sailboats in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.” says Bree.  To be closer to her Grandmama inspired her move to New Orleans.  When asked what her favorite thing about New Orleans she replied,  “Just one?  Or a thousand?  Everything.  She’s an adventure every day.  Just go outside.”

They knew almost immediately that “we made sense to each other, when we don’t seem to make much sense to anyone else

we made sense to each other, when we don’t seem to make much sense to anyone else

.  Same vernacular, in music, literature, art and food.  Same tastes, similar pasts.  Kind of weird”.  She says ”there really wasn’t a ‘getting to know you’ phase for us, it was more like catching up with your best friend after being out of touch for a long while.”

We served Louisiana oysters

They choose to do a DIY wedding New Orleans’ style.  Everything was DIY, even the oyster shucking.  We served Louisiana oysters, champagne and the most delicious dark chocolate espresso cake made by my friend Kylie, who had to work that day missing my wedding.  Mason and I wore cameos my mother left me, his in the ascot.  Bryony’s dress was her own creation inspired by the ballerina paintings of Edgar Degas who spent time painting in a wonderful home on Esplanade here in NOLA.  (I’ve shot some weddings at The Degas House.  It is a very cool location for an art inspired wedding).  She laughs a little and tells me she wished she had done a final fitting because she lost weight causing the skirt to keep slipping down from under her corset.

End of the world

They choose their wedding date, December 21, 2012.  The Mayan Calendar’s end of the world…” just in case it really was the end of the world

just in case it really was the end of the world

…or because Mason’s friends always said the world would end before he got married as did he”.  We started shooting on the levee, the elevated protection barrier between our neighborhood and the mighty Mississippi River.  It was 40 degrees outside.   And the wind was blowing sideways.  Let me tell you, we moved fast!  Their ceremony was performed on the Algiers/Canal Street Ferry precisely at 11:11 am.  Ferry Captain in attendence.  They were joined by old and new friends, their neighbors.  Even dogs.  The reception began at a friend’s house and moved to the Pub.

Like to do a boudoir shoot?

I asked Bryony not long after shooting their wedding if she would like to do a boudoir shoot. I could tell she would be seriously, awesomely photogenic

I could tell she would be seriously, awesomely photogenic

.  Little did I know how much!  My favourite MUA, Charlotte Passeur, also a former bride, did the honours of styling Bree to my vision and a fabulous job she did!  Its most important that my gals feel at ease and comfortable during their shoot.  Anxiety not allowed so we girls keep it loose and relaxed.  Bree said “It was like playing dress up with your girlfriends when you were young…but better!”.

I only had an hour and half to spare between booked weddings so we shot their portraits and ceremony.  The best decision I ever made in a bar was gifting their wedding photography.  They allowed me to stretch my creative wings, even trying out some iPhone images.  It takes willing and trusting couples to present images that speak.


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1.  Crown and Anchor Pub located in Algiers Point, the ‘other’ half of the City of New Orleans

website link:



2.  Tramonto and Folse Restaurant R’evolution located inside The Royal Sonesta Hotel

website link:



3.  Bayona and Susan Spicer located in the French Quarter

website link:



4.  The Degas House located between the French Quarter and City Park

website link:



5.  Pamela Reed Photography

website link:

Author: Pamela Reed


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