Three weeks ago we moved into our new little pad and although the actual moving day was a complete rolled up ball of stress, there was a glimmer, a little shining moment that day.

While the removalists were tenderly stacking our already packed boxes and furniture in their van, I was still frantically packing more of the house.  It was mayhem with a capital M yet midmorning my little ray of sunshine arrived when the postie handed me a little parcel.  I knew what it was, and so I promptly put the kettle on and made myself an Earl (you just have to have tea in those wonderful little moments).  Sitting on the floor with Rob and the removalists charging around me in a flurry of noise and movement, I sat in my quiet little space admiring what was in my hands.

In my hands was sophistication, elegance and fun!  All the things I love about unique wedding invitations.  One was a beige colour with slightly darker beige stripes in a little unfolded envelope.  One, my favourite actually, was a hard card DL envelope sized invitation, open at the top with a beautiful silk ribbon calling me to give it a tug, and the last wedding invitation sample was a beautifully polka-dotted invitation (I am a polka-addict) with a little white, crisp, triangular opening with the Bride and Grooms first names greeting me.  All of them had their matching RSVP’s and guest information forming little packages that were saying “Hello, guess what? You’re invited!”.

But what struck me immediately with these unique wedding invitations was there quality! Beautiful, simple, elegant!!! They were not only beautiful though, they were touchy-feely too.

My little package was from Paper Themes bespoke stationery, a one-stop shop for wedding stationery which include Save The Dates, Reply Cards, Place Cards, Wedding Invitations, Thank you cards and loads more in styles that are elegant and ooze sophistication including contemporary, vintage, candy, country garden and more.  With a talented team of designers dedicated to creating quality and style, Paper Themes are always introducing new stationery to the mix so if you fall in love with a design you can get in touch and become a designer alongside Mike and the team to create your very own spectacular that is your wedding stationery.

I was impressed, really impressed by the quality of the invitations and can highly recommend getting in touch with Mike, he’s frabjously down-to-earth and such a pleasure to deal with!!!

So without further adieu I’d like to let Mike take it from here…

Inspirational Wedding Invitation Ideas for a Summer of Love

The weather is starting to pick up (finally), which means there’s hope yet for anyone who is hoping to marry under the gorgeous summer sun. It’s always a bit risking banking on any weather in the UK but, with a little bit of luck you can end up with the perfect summer’s day for the perfect summer wedding. They’ll be brides-to-be who, inspired by this week’s blue skies, are starting to plan for their summer wedding next year. We’ve a range of invitations and stationery for summer events, which will plant the seed of a warm, breezy theme in the minds of your guests, well before the day itself.
Photo Credit: Yooperann
Here’s a look at a few of our choice picks:

White Tropical:  The calm, leafy and creamy hues of our white tropical stationery make the perfect summer wedding stationery design. You could be opening an invite to a wedding set deep in the forest or in a town near Honolulu.

Shells:  Nothing says summer like the ocean and nothing says ocean like shells. The shells stationery range is perfect for, as you can imagine, anyone planning their wedding by the sea.

The invitation itself is postcard in style, with a serpia shell pattern border down the left hand side. The finishing touch is applied by an ivory ribbon and bow ?

Cerise Pink Tortina Favour:  

The final piece of the wedding stationery jigsaw is the favour box. It’s a way of thanking the guests for sharing your wedding day with them and it’s the floral finish of the Cerise Pink Tortina Favour that gives it it’s summery vibe and, combined with the candy pink background, gives it an altogether ‘British Summertime’ feel.

All Paper Themes’ favour boxes come unassembled as standard, so you can add whatever finishing touches you like, be it ribbons, buckles or flowers.

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Wedding invitation designs are a really personal thing but the one thing you really want them to do, is stand out and tell your story, like a little introduction to your guests about what to expect for your big day.  If you’re after a bit of British, a bit of summer get in touch via Paper Themes Facebook page and check out many more of their designs. And, AND, they’re completely homegrown and designed and made in Britain 🙂

And if you fancy showing me what you’ve chosen as your wedding invitations, I’d LOVE to see them so leave a comment below and ‘show me the money!’.



I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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