I‘m really pleased to introduce you today not only to a beautiful bridal showroom with decadent velvet sofas and stunning chandeliers but also to a wonderfully creative woman, owner of Girls of Elegance, Sarah!

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of Elegance
are a leading UK provider of wedding shoes and accessories and Sarah has a shoe addiction like me, only she is now living the dream of designing her own line of wedding shoes!  (Ohh to dream, to dream!).  The brand new showroom in Dorset is spectacular and if you can’t make it there, then the Girls of Elegance website awaits your many hours of browsing.

Take it away Sarah…

Girls Of Elegance was started in 2004 after our own wedding in Cyprus, when purchasing my very lovely Maggie Sottero gown, I found that I only had the choice of two wedding shoes within the shop so we felt that there was a particular market to focus on purely the accessories.  I remember my first order completely, it was for a Vollers Corset and we were delighted and then subsequently it was returned (not so delighted) 😉

As an avid shoe lover and of course all things wedding, we came up with the idea to leave our prospective positions working for other company and Girls Of Elegance was born, we worked from a small box room at home building up our little empire with some pretty scary hurdles along the way but I like to think of the husband and wife team who did everything by ourselves we are an inspiration to those following their entreprenur dreams 🙂

We are very fortunate that Girls Of Elegance are now recognised as the UK’s leading and trusted supplier of wedding shoes and accessories.

We are platinum stockists for all of the brands that we sell which include the following: –

  • Pink By Paradox
  • Belle
  • Benjamin Adams
  • Meadows
  • Rainbow Club
  • Else
  • Benjamin Walk
  • Touch Ups
  • Liz Rene
  • Filippa Scott and many more.

I am delighted that I now also design and manufacture my own beautiful crystal collection Era Boutique which again has been one of those dreams of mine for several years, I certainly feel that we are on the road to becoming a successful brand in our own right especially with the new launch soon of our own affordable bridesmaid dresses below £90.00.  This is another field that I love, I have never understood the bridesmaid dress concept, why do you have to wait so long for them to arrive?, why do they have to be made to measure? and why are they so expensive?  Our bridesmaid dresses are affordable, excellent quality and can be worn time and time again after the event therefore saving our brides pennies and ensuring they are purchasing a product worthwhile.

Our aim is simple, to offer beautiful products at a budget that suits all, if you want a pair of wedding shoes that are £500.00 we’ve got it, if you have a budget of less than £20.00 we’ve got it 🙂

We only sell collections that we are proud of, if we wouldn’t wear it, why sell it ! That could possibly be wrong business sense but unlike other companies Ilike to think we are different because of this, all of our brands are accessed for quality,comfort, affordability, delivery times and so on.  The brands we promote are designers, specialists and have been in the field for years, I don’t really respect those brands that blatantly copy the professionals, selling them for 75% cheaper only for the stones or trims to fall off, the same applies to wedding gowns.

The new showroom

We have had such success over the last 8 years that we launched the first wedding shoe showroom of its kind in the South West in July 2011 showcasing no fewer than 100 styles of wedding shoes.  We wanted to create the feeling that you were walking into a very classy boutique, not a wedding shop and I think we succeeded, our showroom grew so much in such a short space of time that we have recently moved into new premises with a swanky new wedding gown, shoe and accessory showroom that is three times the size.  We like to provide that personal service so we offer appointments only ensuring that you have all the time in the world to find your perfect gown or shoes.

Our new showroom enabled us to take the next step which was offering that true one stop shop so we had a meeting with the wonderful Charlotte Balbier and chose her gowns due to the attention to detail, sheer beauty and favourable price bracket.

I thought I would give you an insight into some of my favourite products, of course there are too many to mention but here are three of my favourite pieces and the reasons why

First up is Cherish, my beautiful shoe from my own collection, I designed this with the beauty of a womans foot in mind, dazzling crystals with a crystal heel to compliment and a cut out side to lengthen the leg, here is a little piccie of me with my little pretty :).

Next up is our fabulous sweetheart bridesmaid dress which was launched over three years ago, made from a beautiful chiffon fabric and complimented with a dazzling brooch to the front, this style is a firm favourite with our brides and can of course be worn time and time again, yes this dress is only £79.99.

Finally I’ll show you my favourite wedding gown, Clementine by Charlotte Balbier, this has graced the covers of Perfect Wedding Magazine recently and is a firm favourite with my brides, hand created flowers and a full circle dress, a true fairytale wedding gown.

I feel it is only fair that I also provide you with top tip from myself.  Please please please make the right purchases, I couldn’t begin to tell you the amount of brides that have called us in tears as they have ordered something that is promoted as a true brand product only to receive the item and it is a disgrace,  DO NOT try to budget on your wedding day in terms of purchasing products from overseas that are blatant copies of our UK designers, you will end up spending double the amount by recitfying the situation not to mention the stress it may cause you (of course I am not saying this is the case with everything) but it is your wedding day, the most memorable moment of your life (it certainly was mine), it should be a happy and enjoyable process to plan and most importantly you should feel like a princess on your day.

I feel so proud to be involved within the wedding industry, I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions at all, please join us on facebook or twitter for all updates and for an insight into what we are up to.