This morning, although bleary-eyed and washed out from being woken up by my 3 year old girly three times in the night, I was excited!  I have wanted to start our Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Boards for –ever!  And guess what Chickadees… I have the first one ready to go!  I have trawled the internet for quality inspiration and ideas to help you build a red and white/black wedding theme and based it on Alice In Wonderland’s very special Queen Of Hearts.

So here it is, our first Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Board, dedicated to the Queen of Hearts.  As wickedly wonderful as she is, she adores red, hearts, checks, black and white and champagne, she is cheeky, confident and and oozes timeless appeal.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding – our Queen Of Hearts Inspiration Board


You know how we love your interaction on Alice In Weddingland so please leave your comment with a link to anything you feel deserves a mention alongside our Queen Of Hearts, Alice In Wonderland Inspiration Board.

I really want to mention too that the photo of the dress above is by Nat Lynn Photography and she is my fav fashion photographer! Absolutely talented!  Check out Nat’s website for incredibly beautiful images.

Enjoy your Saturday Chickadees.

Zarn ?