I like cheeky people; that nice kinda-cheeky that is.  I have a mini-cheeky person in the form of my daughter and I also have a belief that you’ll never get anywhere in life if you never ask and cheeky people ask all the time, nicely of course! So when I received an email saying “I just wanted to be a bit cheeky and point you in the direction of my Alice wedding stationery” from Natalie at I Am Nat, she’d already won me over… then I checked our her website and I was even more impressed.

Graphic Design is Nat’s specialty and she is obsessed with crafts (particularly the paper kind) and is passionate about helping you make an impression with your Wedding Invitations.  Her Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invites have a real vintage feel and are beautifully finished.  I love the moodiness of them; they reflect a more sophisticated Alice In Wonderland Wedding Invite and leave you with a sense of curiosity 🙂

Alice In Wonderland Invites

Loving the Drink Me tags, Nat has managed to capture the true vintage side to Alice In Wonderland invites.

I adore the envelope; again reflecting a sophisticated and elegant design.

At uni, I started to do all the design work for a small group of nightclubs – mostly flyers and posters. The manager of one of the nightclubs got engaged and asked me if I would design his wedding invitations; he was having an Alice in Wonderland theme and he wanted a flyer as his invite. I’d never even considered wedding stationery before this, but it excited me so I said yes. I did however refuse to let him have flyers for invitations!

When I think Alice in Wonderland, I think of ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ – their invitations had to have ‘open me’ tags. When I spoke to the couple about their wedding, they mentioned they were having prints from the original Alice illustrations around the room, so I did some research and found loads of them to go on the various elements of stationery. I am complete quotes junkie which is why on each piece of stationery, you will find little quotes relating to it from Alices Adventures in Wonderland. – Nat

Nat provides a bespoke wedding stationery design service and is totally dedicated to what ‘you‘ want.  She is brilliant at her art and is as crazy about weddings as me {can you believe it).  I think she is one very talented young lady whose designs and drawings continue to exceed a sense of sophistication yet remain incredible creative.  She has a definite vintage feel and her wedding stationery is delicate and personal. 

You must check out her Bluebird range, it’s simply divine!

Oh and the amazing photography is by James Melia Photo

So if you’re looking for Alice In Wonderland Invites or in fact, any style wedding invitation that tells your story, not the story of of a bulk standard template design, contact Nat – she’s brilliant at it.



I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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