While laying in bed this morning, blurry eyed, fuzzy hair and staring out the window, I wondered whether or not someone, somewhere in the world had already created the ultimate Alice In Wonderland Wedding cake.  So, I let my fingers do the walking and I found the most wonderful, colourful representation of an Alice In Wonderland cake.

Check out the teapot on the top. It’s simply stupendous!

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Cake

When I searched in Google for an ‘Alice In Wonderland cake’ and then clicked on images, there really was plenty to get me inspired.

There were angled cakes (lots of them – lots and lots of them), brightly coloured cakes, Cheshire Cat cakes.  There was hats galore and blue iced Alice cakes. There was even a Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp style) cake – now seeing is believing and I’ll let you find that one.

Searching through all the cake images took me an entire cup of tea but after feasting my eyes on so many scrumptuos cakes I finally found this one.  I love this cake and I love its subtle quirkiness.  I would love to have this at a party – not just a wedding, my birthday party will do. (I hope my honey is reading this).

After scrolling through over one hundred cake photos I was feeling like the Leaning Tower of Pisa by the end of my search.  This cake was one of the very few cakes that didn’t have angled tiers.

Even Pickles (my 3 yr old little girly) agreed.  After seeing far too many Cheshire Cat cakes she spotted this cake too.  “That one Mummy” said Pickles “Can we make that one Mummy”.  Errr hmm, “Not sure about making it but lets write about it” I replied.

This cake is so much fun and still elegant thanks to the detail.  The colours, the delicate roses, the teapot piled with flowers, they all make the cake quirky yet the pastels, and the straight angle keep it a cake that is inspired by Alice In Wonderland yet remains beautiful and not an overdone tacky mess.

There are a lot of wonderful, clever cake makers out there and if you’re having an Alice In Wonderland inspired wedding then have a Google and follow in the footsteps of Ashlee Simpson and design your own Alice In Wonderland inspired cake.

This screams Eat Me!

I’m off to bake.

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I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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