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In Weddingland
.  An Alice In Wonderland play is currently playing at the New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme until 21st January, 2012 and it’s had great reviews.  And, a fabulous wedding photographer got to take the photos of it.  So, grab the kids and take a day off I say!!!

The Play

Theresa Heskins takes the original Alice Liddell photographs from Charles Dodgson (Lewiss Carroll) with her bobbed, brown hair in which she appeared dressed as a beggar maid for a radical retelling of the story, in which the “heroine is not the privileged daughter of Oxford academics, but the ragged urchin of the original Lewis Carroll picture” says the Guardian Newspaper.

As is tradition with the New Vic their Alice In Wonderland ‘play for children’ has had great reviews so if you’re after something new rather than a panto this Christmas, take the kids to see Alice instead.

I absolutely love the theatre and Mr B and I try to go up a couple of times a year to see shows; my favourite is still Les Miserables as it has wonderful memories for me; I was very pregnant at the time that I saw it and Mr B still sings Bring Him Home to our daughter {I’m such a softy}… anyway, back to the play.

I would love take my daughter to see this play though sadly I live so far away from Newcastle-under-Lyme that the 4 hour journey is a tad bit impossible prior to Christmas, especially with the threat of snow.  However, I have my beady little eyes on it in January so watch this space.  If I can get tickets in time, I’ll definitely do a review.

Until then, I have a very special treat for you today from the amazing Photographer, Andrew Billington who, although normally takes stunning wedding photos most days, photographed the Alice In Wonderland play last week and kindly let me share them with you. 

Awesome photos Andrew!

Photography by Andrew Billington Photography.

Any last words?

“Other than that, it’s utterly frabjous.” says the Guardian… I couldn’t have used a better word myself!