Guess what?  I’m a year old tomorrow! Well, not me really, but Alice In Weddingland.  I just can’t believe it’s come around already and that I am where I am already.  I started the unique wedding blog in the hopes that by the time my daughter started school in 2013, I’d have a hobby!  Boy was in for a surprise.  By December last year, at only 5 months old, Alice In Weddingland already had 20,000 unique visitors per month, and now!  Now I’m just in love with my job and am passionate about the industry I’m in and am lucky to have met some incredibly talented people along the ride.  Onward and upward you bet… Alice in Weddingland has so many incredible things happening over the next few months that even Rob can’t contain his excitement (tee hee).

So, because we’re in the party mood we want to celebrate my 1st Year as Alice in Weddingland by officially launching my Media Pack: because we’ve made it huge, we’ve made it accessible and we’ve made it beautiful.

I started Alice In Weddingland on the 25th July 2011, even I get a little embarrassed when I read my first post because it’s so different to where I am now 🙂  Little did I realise how exciting the rabbit hole was going to be and how big my adventure was going to become too.  I’ve had a year where I’ve doubted whether or not I should keep going because of the time it was taking me away from my family, my little girl, a year with hard work and constant determination.. Being a blogger isn’t an easy, cushy job, it’s hard work, constant work and quite often, very lonely work, but from the moment I made my first £1, I was a business and not a hobby and I had to act like a business and so back in December last year, things changed.

The milestones I’ve achieved which I thought would take at least 18months to achieve have put the wedding blog where it is today in the wedding community and I love the feedback from you, my readers about the site.  It’s not just a wedding blog, Alice In Weddingland is an alternative wedding blog, a place full of creatively-sophisticated wedding ideas and photography and I am a little proud today!

Tomorrow I’m going to write ‘1 Year in Weddingland’ where I’ll take you through the journey that’s been mine along the way. However for today I’d like to introduce you to my ‘sparkly’ Media Pack.

One of my wishes and I guess, main desires of Alice in Weddingland has always been about helping you see the possibilities of what you can have in your wedding. Being able to see what can be found on the Catwalks and Couture houses and in the houses of many talented people around the world, all defining their own niche in the market, bringing Brides around the world beautiful art that you can include on your wedding day or at the least be inspired by the menagerie of creative talent and extraordinary unique wonderful products out there.

Though as part of this my wish has also been to not only showcase amazing creatives but also have them here on my site, people who’s products and services I’m proud to say you can find on the right as an endorsement of Alice in Weddingland. I don’t just take any sponsors, but people whose products and services I believe are truly outstanding and unique.

Alice in Weddingland Wedding blog MediaPack 2012

I initially wanted a Media Pack that would showcase what we did, but then it soon became apparent that what we really wanted was a way for us to show you how as a vendor you can reach more brides and stand out from the crowd and be in the right place not the wrong place.  It’s not just about advertising on a ‘big’ blog because they have thousands and thousands of readers – it’s about ensuring your audience is the right one on that blog and our Media Pack shows you how.

We don’t just want you to be a banner and left in the wings either, rather you join The Tea Party and become a part of the Alice In Weddingland team so that together we make what you do active and alive so that we can increase your readership on your website and social media because you also become a part of The Mad Hatters Academy  this is where we help your business thrive.

And because we’re 1 year Old tomorrow, I want to celebrate by running a special offer on all our banner sponsorships and our listing on our Unique Wedding Directory until Sunday 12th August the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

All Banners are 50% Off (t’s & c’s apply) and any listing in the Unique Wedding Directory is also 50% off

So if you offer something unique, alternative and spectacular, then get in touch, I’d love to say Hi and hope you join our story too.

Love Zarn x

P.S. We’re running an incredible competition at Mad Hatters Academy tomorrow along with our first post so stay tuned and join us on our Facebook page for details on how to enter.




I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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