A jolly frabjous morning to you all on this beautiful, sunny morning where I sit. My fingers have all thawed out and are enjoying the new lux feel of my warmed up keyboard – just in time for a wonderful, warm, fuzzy welcome to my newest A-Team Member, Glass Oyster.

Glass Oyster is a menagerie of unique treats; headdresses to fit every unique Bride. From beautiful headbands and combs to ethereal vines, Gail handcrafts stunning delicacies for your hair. I love wearing headbands, it changes your look and adds dimension to your hair and as a shorty (short haired girl – no pun to my height at all 🙂 ) they help me create specific looks for day and night.

Crafted by an artisans hands, I adore Gails’ work! Check out her website for more beautifully sparkly designs and get in touch on her Facebook page. You’ll be hearing from her realllly soon when our secret project launches soon!

AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-10 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-11 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-09 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-08 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-07 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-06 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-05

Glass Oyster has been creating beautiful bridal headdresses since 2007 but has recently gone through some new and exciting changes. No longer will the headdress designer be creating a static yearly collection, but now offers it’s brides something called “Unique Treats”. These “Treats” are hand made one off  headdresses that can also incorporate reworked pieces of vintage jewellery and lace remnants, or are just totally unique – never to be repeated!

Gail Jones, designer at Glass Oyster explains. “I wanted to offer my brides something more than an off the peg item, I wanted to try and give them something unique and special for their most special day. I came up with the idea of “Unique Treats” as I’m a real magpie and love collecting all sorts of trinkets, fabric remnants and appliques. I wanted to use these in my designs and so, “Unique Treats” were born”.

Gail also designs limited edition pieces where only a handful are made.

Gail adds, “I love the design process – it is the part of my job I enjoy the most so it is a real pleasure for me to always be working on something new and I think this is reflected in the headdresses”.

The kind of designs Gail creates range from simple floral headbands, to intricately hand beaded headdresses to sassy cocktail hats.

“I’m inspired by many things but I love organic lines and florals (I’m a real sucker for Art Nouveau) so you will see a lot of florals in my work. I’m also really into hand beaded embroidery – that’s my passion at the moment so a lot of my designs have intricately beaded flowers in them. Like many designers I also look to the past and take inspiration from previous eras whether Deco, the 1950’s or the 70’s”.

Gail is also very passionate about the personal touch. She keeps her business small and designs and makes everything herself.  There is always something new coming out of her studio so take a look at her website: www.glassoyster.com  The Unique Treats are also available to buy on Not On The High Street.com and Etsy.com.

AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-04 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-01 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-02 AliceInWeddingland-unique -bridal-headdresses-GlassOyster-03


Photographs by www.bekiyoung.co.uk and alittlebloomingrace.blogspot.com.

Have a stupendous and frabjous Friday all!

So help me in raising your cuppa tea and welcoming the gorgeous Gail of Glass Oyster to the A-Team.


I’ve never followed trends as I disliked being just one of the crowd so my love for things that are different, unusual, beautiful and stylistic that I’d had all my life transformed into Alice in Weddingland.

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