Alice In Weddingland is the modern day Brides remedy to tradition. We are a wedding resource passionately focusing on the creative, unique and different details that create a spectacular wedding and we have just opened the doors to sponsorship.

In only 3 months since being published we already have stats that are generally seen with blogs over 18months old and as excited as we are, we have had to raise the stakes a lot sooner than we thought and are over the moon that we can now offer you, space!  But hurry, our stats are increasing, almost doubling every month and our increasing popularity means first in best dressed when it comes to advertisement positioning.

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We feature the best, brightest, newest and most importantly unique content, continuously driving our focus toward talented artistic experts in the fashion, photography, invitation, floral and accessory industries, like you!  This is your opportunity to get in front of the right kind of viewers who are over 48% in the UK, right where you are, waiting to click on your ad.

Above all we are passionate about the best of what you have to offer; everything that is unique and that adds a spectacular part of a wedding for our brides.

Who are the Alice In Weddingland readers?

The Alice In Weddingland reader has a desire to break tradition and do something different for their wedding to create a spectacular day; from the small details to a full elaborate affair.  They want up-to-date contemporary photographers, they want unique sellers and ultimately they want you to help them tell their story through their wedding so if you break tradition, then your spot is waiting you now.

Our reader average

Our readers average between the age of 25 to 43 and we are happy to say that in only three months we have already captured the hearts of the UK being one in a handful of wedding websites with a majority of UK based readers.   We also have readers in the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.

We are so excited that since creating the website in July 2011 we are already experiencing high page views.  We are so extremely proud that in only three months of being published our growth already is that of an average 18 month old website and increasing at a rapid rate.

To find out more of our stats and to see what advertising options are available, please do get in touch at advertising (at) aliceinweddingland.co.uk for a media kit.

Our Readers Comments:

The order of the day should be for people to check out @AlicesWedding addicted isn’t the word!

@AlicesWedding just wanted to say i love, love, love everything you do! sorry im sounding mad but its so good!!!

You find the best, brightest newest stuff!

@AlicesWedding That is a cool site! Great articles & love the artwork in the Header to

@AlicesWedding Have saved your blog to my favourites for future inspiration! Thank you!

@AlicesWedding what a great find. vintage wedding or not,… like like! thanks for sharing

@AlicesWedding LOVING the creativity and the inspiration on your website, a must see for the “creative/different” bride!