I have stylistic type adventures everyday in this job. I get to trawl through oodles and oodles of photographs from real weddings to a menagerie of inspirational stuff and unique wedding ideas and of course my ultimate desire, fashion in all it’s glory. Cruising the internet is what I get paid to do and it’s fun!

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my motivation and my passion runs deep within the veins of what I publish on the blog: I am picky in my choices and fussy with my quality but I think that’s what makes the work I publish stand out. I’ve been asked, what is it exactly that I look for? Well, I can’t really put it in words. I just know what I want when I see it, it’s an inner feeling, an instinct if you will for what my eyes and my heart adore and for what I deem stylish, exquisite, opulant, stunning… all those descriptive words I say far too often 🙂 and I’ve become a fuss-pot with it all. But that’s a good thing because what you’ll discover on this unique wedding blog will all have that same ‘it-factor’ that I love, that quality, that spectacularness (is that a word) that makes it wedding eye-candy for you. And I’ve got some more for you today…

Wedding photography over the last few years has metamorphosed into an exciting, visual explosion instead of the ordinary, traditional “say cheese” type shots that used to fill wedding albums. There is much more of an emphasis on non-traditional type shots right through to magazine styled edited photos and today, I have a little favourite photographer of mine to show you, the visionary Gordon McGowan who transforms his Bride and Groom into magazine stars. I adore his work. He is a genius at his craft and inspires me greatly by what I see and the adventure he takes me on through his photography.

Contemporary, visionary and unique

Scottish photographer Gordon McGowan (I love, love, love this man) is one of a handful of photographers around the world who are reinventing wedding photography and creating fashion, art, substance via their photography. They’re turning your ‘every day’ photographs into images you’d coo over in a magazine. The most exciting part about this is that it’s the likes of Gordon McGowan who are now making this so accessible for you. The images that can adorn your wall these days are dramatic, emotive, and extremely beautiful.

Gordon’s work is unique, stylish and extraordinarily contemporary. By understanding his environment and with his exceptional eye for fashion imagery he takes Brides like you and I and turns us into models: stars in our own magazine and todays wedding of Nick and Susan is a beautiful example of his work. This is a real couple!!! A real wedding.

Gordon says:

“I had the pleasure of photographing Nicky and Susan’s wedding recently, using the stunning Pollock Park Estate as a backdrop to the photographs. I have known Nicky since he was born and had photographed him as a young child. It was therefore surreal to now be photographing his wedding.

One of the great advantages of knowing the bride and groom so well, was that they were relaxed and comfortable when the photographs were being taken, and this will always show in the final images. They were also aware of the difference it can make to wedding photographs when sufficient time is allocated to the photographer, and this, coupled with the fact that they were happy to go with my advice and suggestions for their photographs, made their wedding a real joy to photograph.”


It is really mega hard for me to try and select a handful of photos from Gordon’s 50 or so from this wedding. They are all exquisite, all so beautifully captured that I want to show you them all. Aside from keeping you here for the duration of three cups of tea, I would rather you explore his stunning website for more of his work. Gordon McGowan like many photographers out there, is an artist, perfecting his unique craft.

My absolute favourite shot!!! Susan is transformed from just ‘another Bride’ to a spectacular Bride!

Please do check out the photos in the rest of the gallery, they are spectacular!

Aren’t these photos just spectacular. Would you want these types of shots for your wedding? And as a photographer, what do you think of the increase in this type of imagery?

Have a super day! I’m off to drink tea!!!