New Zealand is not just the home of the hobbits, Orca whales, dolphins and spectacular scenery but home to another of my favourite wedding photographers – Alpine Image Co.

I think anyone that has the choice of using the scenery around them to make stunning art should and Alpine Image Co do this with a bang!!!

Before you scroll down and look at the images here, think to yourself carefully – what do I want from my wedding? Why? Because as I sit here with another cuppa tea in my hands I’m reminded by these photos that weddings aren’t just a day to swap rings and vows but rather a day (or days) to have the opportunity to create an extraordinary experience to be shared, treasured and remembered.

Your wedding photos should be creative, fun, indulgent, moody and warming of heart and soul. They should be you, the both of you, creating a story!

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Photography from Alpine Image Co

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The wedding of Rebecca and Brennan in the south island of New Zealand is a stunning example of just how good bridal party photos can be.  Photographed by the incredibly talented Alpine Image Co the following wedding photos show just what can be produced when you mix talent and creativity with a hell of a lot of fun on a stormy day.  Who said wedding photographs had to have a pretty blue sky? These are BRILLIANT.

The reason these images are jaw-droppingly beautiful to me is because of their composition and light.  The dark skies looming above the Bride and Groom don’t detract from the romance of these photos, instead they enhance the drama and Alpine Image Co have very cleverly, through the use of non-traditional creative ideas, enhanced the mood and made them spectacular.

The way the frame sits says it all to me – there’s that real Alice in Wonderland influence!

What I love about these photos is the fun element.

If this was a pic of me, I’d have it on my wall.

Breathless photography, beautiful couple and elegant, unique wedding photos!

Photography:  Alpine Image Co.

Well, my tea is empty – here’s to their new adventure, their new life.