It’s saturday morning (yahoo) and I have only had 5 hours sleep (boo) thanks to a million little thoughts creating havoc in my head all night.  And, because I feel down-right-daggy at the moment I thought I would give myself a much needed injection of femininity, sensuality and (take a breath) lets get to the point – I need help feeling like a woman this morning and not some cave woman who’s just been dragged in from the cold.

Rigby and Peller Lingerie

So what makes me truly feel feminine, sexy and bootilicious? Lingerie!!!!! And while I’m at home, Rigby and Pellers stunning S/S Collection (in stores right now girlies) makes me gasp with delight at all the fabulous knickers and bras I want to buy – I am woman hear me roar!

Oyster creams, light teals and tiffany blues all reflect the retro 20’s feel of this collection. And while your not going to wear them under your skinny jeans (although if you have small, curvaceously delightful cheeks, I dare you to try – and if you succeed please don’t tell me – I will be jealous till the end of the earth).

But, imagine these under your bridal gown.  These frills are so sexily Perfect!

Rigby and Peller will make you feel like royalty since they have held the Royal Warrant since 1960.  And if you want to feel like a celebrity too then follow in the footsteps of Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue and stick their lingerie close to your cheeks.

Rigby and Peller Lingerie

Rigby and Peller take pride in their bridal underwear fitting service which is available on both an appointment and walk-in basis in all their stores but if you want the full experience of feeling spectacular, then I would suggest you go to their flagship store in Londons Kings Road.

Their bridal range includes wedding lingerie, bridal corsets and of course the sexy garter!  I love their website, it is brilliant and gives so much information from sizing and fitting right through to styles and material selections.

Ahhh, now, time to make my fourth cuppa tea and keep browsing.

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