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is the image that started it all!

I am a bit of a collector of photography, particularly fashion photography and I love the 20’s; I love the fashion, the style, the make-up and of course – art deco!!!  The Roaring 20’s for me represents my ethos in life – frilly and filled with jazz :-).

The phrase The Roaring 20’s was coined because of the social and economic prosperity during that time. It was then that people started to break tradition!!! (Something close to our hearts here at Alice In Weddingland). And it was the decade in which the world lost it’s innocence.

The gorgeous picture to the left from 666 Photography is what started my obsession with a 20’s inspired wedding post – with a twist!

And, if I were given my chance in a Time Machine, the 20’s is the period that I would love to go back to.

The 20’s were whimsical, classic, romantic, simple and stylish; so many wonderful adjectives that now create spectacular weddings.  So why not theme your wedding in the 20’s?

Don’t just think over-the-top; every guest in 20’s outfits, think subtle flavour, hints of art deco through your invitations, a spectacular wedding dress with an ostrich feather neckline, your neckline draped in pearls and styling that oozes that 20’s decadence.

The post twist:

Because there is so much art deco imagery on the internet which will inspire your wedding theme; your colours and your style, I wanted instead to inspire you and how you could look as a bride with some 20’s imagery not just Bridal imagery!

I love the 1920’s inspired photography like the pics below: stunning, simple, elegant and alluring.

And check out that velvet couch!

I know… I’m saying it again, I love the 20’s!  But look at the kind of inspiration it gives us – the pic below showcases the dramatic make-up styling.  It is subtly dramatic and has that edge of kitten sexiness!!!  Purrrrrr! Imagine yourself like this with your wedding dress on!  Breath-taking!

The pics above are all from the fabulous Steven Lee Photography.


And then of course the ultimate 20’s inspiration comes from silver screen LEGEND…

…Louise Brooks, who in my opinion is one of the most fascinating and alluring personalities ever to grace the silver screen.  Her movies are superb and would make a wonderful Sunday movie marathon of inspiration for you; all rugged up in this cold weather with a hot cuppa and a box of chocolate (or three).


One of my favourite quotes of Louise Brooks is:

“A well dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world.”

Below is a more contemporary take on 20’s wedding styling by Archibald Photography, showcasing some of the dresses by Lindsay Fleming Couture.  I love the ostrich feathers.  My beautiful big sister many years ago very cleverly designed her own wedding dress; it was very 20’s inspired with the full ostrich feather neckline, it was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I love the ostrich feather look as it adds the old-world Hollywood glam.



So don’t keep the flapper in you hidden any longer! Take elements from the 20’s for sexy, dramatic styling, for that feminine alluring effect or go the whole-hog!!!  And send me some pics!!!